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Your first thought may not be to visit a restaurant called The Local, which is hidden in the Bed, Bath and Beyond plaza, next to Michaels and The Home Depot. It wasn’t ours, but we were up for the challenge. When you walk through the doors you will find the decor simple yet sophisticated with tall ceilings buffered by large panels.  We decided to have lunch at the bar and were pleasantly surprised that the staff was active, yet attentive. The bar manager, Casey, was extremely helpful about the beer selections and had an in depth knowledge of the South West Florida Breweries, which is a rare find.  He suggested an Amber Ale, Monk in a Trunk from Inlet Brewery, which is an organic Belgian Amber Ale. It was extremely tasty.


As we prepared to wait for our burger, out of nowhere appeared a small plate of hummus with carrot and celery sticks for dipping. This tidbit was just what we needed to take the edge off of our stomachs from the increased hunger pangs as we sat near the opening of the kitchen.


While munching on the hummus, we noticed a large screen TV over the bar playing, what else, Sports Center. It is hard to understand why a sophisticated place, and we have seen many, decide to compete with other Sports Bars by playing this. Ordinarily, had it been a big game or some other special event, we could definitely see having the sports on, however, it was rather uninteresting and out of character.


On a different note, the beer paired perfectly with our next choice…the Burger Special. Our burger was a beautiful sight indeed, see the photo!


As we normally can’t finish a whole hamburger by ourselves we split the special and upon finishing still need a little something. Casey suggested that we try a desert, steering us to the last item on the desert menu, Grandpa Frank’s ricotta cheesecake with orange and honey. Now, I am not sure who Grandpa Frank is, he is probably a cool character, aptly this cheesecake was named for someone or something delightful.


Overall our lunch experience at The Local was deserving of our repeat business.


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