Fine Folk Pizza Gateway Florida

For a late afternoon Valentine's lunch we decided to try out a new place, aptly named, Fine Folk Pizza. As the sign says, "Come in, We're Awesome" and they are.

The owners Michael and Brie were on site and gave us a brief history of how they started and how the restaurant was decorated. These twenty somethings are a hard working couple with the most incredible pizza. Michael spent the last 12 years running the pizzeria with his Dad in New Jersey and Brie finished school in Orlando and they united here in Fort Myers.  Their fusion of ingredients left our pallets speechless, likely because we were still stuffing our faces.

We feasted on what some may call a meat lovers, but was the Chef’s Daily Inspired Specialty Pizza and also tasted a slice of Margherita pizza. At the Chef's recommendation we tried the Smores pizza, a desert pizza with an exquisite combination of things that already go together. The crust comes out slightly white so that the undercooked dough combines with the marshmallow and chocolate sauce, WOW!

How the food critics didn't give these guys 4 out of 4 stars on their food I don't know.  We felt the anonymous writer might have been a little frustrated with traffic to grade them properly, oh well, this place has the freshest dough and most amazing toppings around.  We happened to be at Fort Myers Brewing the night they brought in several pizzas as a "competition by the Chef's" and that's when we knew we had to eat here.

Be sure and check out Ft Myers Brewing while in Gateway/Fort Myers Area, just past Jet Blue park (Fine Folk Pizza is just before Jet Blue park).

11300 Lindbergh Blvd #114, Fort Myers, FL 33913

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