Burn, Cigar Box Triangle Box, Great Guy Gift, Valentine's Day Gift, Electric Triangle Shelf

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This limited edition set includes one electrically charged shelf, three crystals and one glazed skull.

The perfect gift for the guy who has everything!

Electrical pulses have been burnt into the sides creating an unusual and extremely beautiful pattern into the cedar. The imperfections in some parts of the wood actually accent the beautiful pattern.

This listing is for one beautiful electrically charged triangle shelf for displaying crystals and gemstones. These shelves are individually handcrafted and take many hours to make. All shelves are drilled and pegged for sturdy construction. The cedar is light enough for the shelf to hang beautifully on a wall.

Cedar draws upon both earthly energies and divine energies simultaneously, and is therefore highly spiritual in nature. It cleanses energy and protects from unwanted negative energy and influences by lifting vibrations and calling in divine masculine energy. Cedar can strenghthen health, clarity, and resolve, and it encourages meditation, prayer, and other spiritual pursuits.

Triangle shelf measures 5" on each side.

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