Peace & Protection Triangle Shelf Set, Small Triangle Shelf Set, White Feather Charm, Amazonite, Blue Lapis, Crystal Set, Pyramid Shelf

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This would be the perfect size for a small office.  Measure 5" on each side.

The set includes one shelf, white feather charm, amazonite crystal and a blue lapis crytal.

These shelves are individually handcrafted and take many hours to make. Shelves are drilled and pegged for sturdy construction. The cedar is also light enough to hang beautifully on a wall.

Cedar draws upon both earthly energies and divine energies simultaneously, and is therefore highly spiritual in nature. It cleanses energy and protects from unwanted negative energy and influences by lifting vibrations and calling in divine masculine energy. Cedar can strengthen health, clarity, and resolve, and it encourages meditation, prayer, and other spiritual pursuits.

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