Magic Talismans

Magic Talismans

Hello dear ones!


 I have begun to offer wonderful hag stones that have beautiful water energy from SW Florida.  Every time my fiance and I donate a day to collecting these stones and no matter what the time, weather or area... we see dolphins.  Just last weekend we bent down to pick up a stone and out popped a single dolphin just yards away.  Their energy is magical.  I have been fortunate enough to swim, play and even hold a dolphin "in a controlled environment" and it was life changing for me.  They are truly channels of love and grace in our waters.  I love being able to share that magical energy with my customers in a small stone.

I like to shop for materials from other sellers to make my pendants.  I came across a shop today that performs spells for customers.  They have a "I will cast a spell on your enemy" listing.  They also provided love spells, money spells etc, but the hex on an enemy had over a dozen in the carts and was by far their biggest seller. 

These are my thoughts and beliefs... sending bad energy to another is a big karmic no no!!! I absolutely do not live a life that is always bright and cheery. Unfortunately bad things do happen to all of us and I would never blame another or wish ill towards another human being or living being for that matter.  Life has struggles and so many lessons to teach us.  We will all have to endure loss, pain, grief, and dissolution at one point in our lives.  If you are having a difficult time or you perceive that someone is giving you a hard time... give it to our creator.  

A mystic doesn't find clever or magical ways of avoiding life's chaos.  She deals with them with compassion, grace, faith, and trust in God and in her soul connection.  The greater the light in the soul, the more difficult one's life can be.  It is not meant for us to remain hidden in contemplation but to go out into the world and to be of use to God by helping others.

If you feel the calling to use tools ie crystals, stones, herbs... please use them for good vibrations and healing energy.

I do not practice Wicca but my closest friends call me a "white witch" just because they have seen that I am a very good manifestor for what I want and my prayers are powerful.  In humility I know that I am only a channel of love for source.  We need more lovers out there!!!