About Bodhi Leaf Market


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Handcrafted, hand picked, vintage, discovered and upcycled...all with a touch of magic!

My love of rocks and crystals began early as I was growing up in Colorado. On the weekends I was usually gold panning or fishing with my dad. Walking by the river I would look for unusual stones and geodes and collect them in my room. A tomboy at heart, instead of dolls and clothes, I wanted a rock tumbler, fishing lures, paints, and knives for carving wood.

As a child of the 60's I was influenced by all things hippie, gypsy, and metaphysical. I am very much an "earth" girl but often find my head in the clouds as a true artist might.

I am now living in Fort Myers Florida. I own my own boutique called Bodhi Leaf Market and love looking at vintage shops and making unique items for the store.

Crafting and creating is Zen to me. I am happiest with an explosion of craft supplies covering my kitchen and dining room tables!!!!



~ A Gift Shop with Heart and Soul Featuring Mermaid Items, Unique Gifts and Artisan Crafts.

Bodhi Leaf Market features inspirational items throughout the world and abroad.  Representing talented artists and bringing all of their visions into one boutique.

Handcrafted or salvaged items, created or recreated, to be given or to be kept.  Items that bring a smile to the giver and the receiver.

Light, free, beautiful, bright, joy-filled…happy and flowing with life!