The Power of Pets

The Power of Pets

In 2011 I yearned for two things, my own store and a dog.

With hard work and a lot of prayers I received both within months of each other in 2014.  

My love for my little Aussiedoodle, shop dog, cat chaser, best friend, and the one that has been through my biggest life journey is immeasurable.  It is hard for me to hear her vet call her a senior.  

I was excited to learn of a pet company that provided a better way to care for our pets with premium quality food, treats and supplements made with only the finest ingredients!  My friend's sister also has a doodle named Maggie and she started the program in 2019.  Maggie is now 17 which is fantastic for a large doodle.

I would love to build a business community of like minded individuals to share this new chapter with.  If you are interested in becoming part of my team or just learning more about the products and how they can improve the quality of life for your best friend/friends please contact me!