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Bodhi Leaf Market

Beach Stone with Ribbon, Boxed Gift Sets, Bodhi Jewelry

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I find all of these stones locally off of Sanibel Island and each of these are hand chosen with pure water magic from our beautiful SW Florida Gulf.

I will be showcasing some of my best stones ad necklaceds This stone measures approx 1/2" across and the necklace measures approx 12" with a 2 inch chain extender. You will receive the exact stone in this picture. This will be gift boxed and include a brief description of the magical properties of the hag stone.

Hag Stones can be any type of stone as long as they possess a natural hole through it and if in your possession, should be considered a sacred object. They have been called by many names over the centuries including Witch Stones, Adder Stones, Snake Eggs, Hex Stones, Fairy Stones, Holy Stones, Holeys, and Eye Stones. Most are found in dry riverbeds or along the seashore, as the action of running or moving water causes the erosion that result in the unique appearance of the stone.

The reason they are so sought after and valuable is because it’s common belief that magic cannot work on moving water, and since the holes in hag stones are made by the force of this element (water,) that the stones retain water’s beneficial influence. In effect, a hag stone is an amazing protection amulet, and so much more.

Hag stones are said to have many uses. They have been used by witches worldwide for centuries in both rituals and spell work. They also have been used, ironically, as a toll to counteract a witch’s magic. Legend has it that they can be used to ward off the dead, curses, sickness and nightmares. ~