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Bodhi Leaf Market

Calming Crystal Quartz Sphere, Crystal Magic

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This fascinating quartz sphere measures approx 3.7" and weighs 2.6 lbs.

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Phantom quartz ~
Phantom quartz crystals are quartz crystals that have another crystal within, giving the appearance of a “phantom” crystal inside. The phantom crystal is often another crystal that has other mineral inclusions, usually deposited on its surface. At some point during the crystal’s development, there was a pause in its growth, and another mineral was deposited on the crystal’s surface. After that, conditions became favorable for its growth, and the crystal continued to develop again.

The deposited mineral is usually an opaque mineral, and therefore, shows up prominently within the crystal, although there are also instances where there are no secondary minerals present; but you can almost always make out the outline though. Often, multiple phantoms will be apparent in just one crystal, denoting a staggered development in stages. Many of them look striking, with ascending pyramids inside.