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  • Spring Spirited Bohemian Hag Stone Amulet, Home Decor, Gift, boho stone, gypsy stone, stone gift, stone wall hanging, hag stone, odin stone, hex stone, silk pouch, stone hanging
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Bodhi Leaf Market

Spring Spirited Bohemian Hag Stone Amulet, Home Decor, Gift

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This is a lucky and protective hanging amulet made with love. My hag stones have been searched for and collected along our coasts and islands. They are rare and each one is unique.
Bound with wire and ribbon and vintage findings and love!
Comes with a hand crafted silk storage pouch for gift giving.

The hag stones are large with the bottom one measuring over 2".

A hag stone is a magical stone tumbled by tides through time with a natural hole right though it, mad by the movement of water continually over hundreds of years.

They have been used through the ages to promote protection and inspire good luck.
Folklore says that hanging Hag Stones over doors and windows brings protection and hanging them above your bed protects you against nightmares and negative influences.